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Current Projects

Arrow Lofts

The Arrow Lofts Residential Condominium Building is a project under construction in Kitchener, Ontario. The phase 2 addition structure adds additional 3 level underground parking connecting to the existing parking structure, and a new 15 story Condominium building. Arthur Electric Inc. is working closely with Stonerise Construction on this construction project.

Breslau Apartments

The Breslau Residential Apartments are a pair of buildings under construction in Breslau, Ontario. Arthur Electric Inc. is working closely with Sierra Construction on the Construction project.

Owen Sound Retirement Home

This new Retirement Home is a building currently under construction in Owen Sound, Ontario. Arthur Electric Inc. is working closely with Sierra Construction on the construction project. The new Retirement complex will be a 4 story structure with 128 separate units. The buildings will feature a 600 amp service.

New Industrial LED Lighting and Controls

Arthur Electric Inc.'s LED lighting and control upgrades and solutions bring high visibility to low lit, potentially hazardous areas. Adding LED fixtures and controls in your warehouse or office space increases the brightness in dim- high traffic areas while decreasing the potential risk of injury, and also decreasing power usage and cost!

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