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Electrical Maintenance Services

Arthur Electric performs electrical maintenance for your commercial, industrial and retail electrical systems for optimum efficiency. Regular checks and timely repairs prevent sudden outages, huge replacement costs and serious accidents in your workplace. Our engineers and technicians are among the most qualified in the industry. We've helped businesses increase efficiency and improve their bottom line

Recent Maintenance Projects

Power Quality Analysis

Whether it's improving the power factor, stabilizing voltage or providing enhanced protection against surges and transients, we're electrical contractors with the ability to provide power quality analysis technology. Even minor power disturbances can affect the performance of your expensive machinery. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your facility and provide comprehensive reports as well as effective and lasting solutions. You can count on us to improve operational efficiency and deliver energy savings. You won't have to worry about power outages and necessary downtime anymore. 

Infrared Thermo Services

Infrared Thermography from Arthur Electric will assist in the prevention of equipment failures and save on emergency repairs. Our diagnostic technology immediately identifies the slightest temperature increase in your electrical system. Detailed reports (with thermographic pictures and temperature readings) and accurate analysis of our thermal scanning will identify areas for preventative maintenance so that you can schedule immediate repairs. Use of non-invasive technology will reduce your downtime too. 

Preventative Maintenance

Wire connections will loosen; you may even be faced with machine failure from time to time. Routine maintenance from a highly experienced electrical contractor like Arthur Electric will ensure that you don't have to deal with sudden shutdowns or serious electrical accidents. Our timely service and skilled repairs will keep your building systems running at peak efficiency and in a cost-effective manner. Expert technicians will help you avoid serious accidents and eliminate unnecessary shut downs.

Wiring for Machinery Instillation
Power Distribution Systems

We're meticulous electrical contractors who apply best practices in all our work including power distribution system maintenance. Our staff is constantly upgrading their skills to meet your challenging needs. We'll evaluate your systems and suggest the newest and best solutions to eliminate power interruptions. Experienced technicians will attend to repairs as well as monitor your electrical system to ensure power optimization. Preventative or corrective maintenance, we'll minimize your risk of sudden outages and unnecessary loss of revenue. 

Panel Building

We offer complete turnkey panel building setup. Let us wire components at our panel building shop and then have our professional installation crew complete the install at your final location. This process provides:

  • Faster install times

  • Reduces problems

  • Provides smoother startup

Every type of machinery has very specific needs. As experienced electrical contractors, Arthur Electric is well-versed with the requirements of a wide variety of commercial, industrial and retail machines. Improper installation, manufacturing defects and wear and tear need immediate attention. Veteran management and qualified technicians will make sure that your wiring is up-to-speed so that your machines continue to work at peak performance. You can count on us for smooth operations and improved productivity.

Arthur Electric has over 30 years of experience in electrical design / build services and maintenance. We have a 24-hour phone service to attend to all your requests quickly, especially when it's an emergency. Highly trained professionals guarantee quality work and service. We have satisfied clients in many areas including but not limited to Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Guelph, Georgetown, Acton, Kitchener, Cambridge, Woodstock and Niagara Falls. Call 905-876-1451 for 24-hour phone service, or fill out an email request.

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