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Arthur Electric provides comprehensive, quality electrical services for new commercial, industrial and retail construction. We have over 30 years of experience and a stellar track record as leading electrical contractors in Southern Ontario. No matter how large (we've handled many multi-million dollar projects successfully) or complex your business needs are, our happy customers vouch that our design engineers and technicians never compromise on service quality or safety. Moreover, we offer a one year warranty on our work.

Recent Construction Projects

Commercial, Industrial and Retail Installations

We use the latest technology, equipment and safety measures to ensure seamless completion of your construction projects. From the first consultation to cutting edge AutoCAD design plans and meticulous installations, you will experience the difference our service quality makes. We're members of ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) and OEL (Ontario Electrical League). Our highly qualified technicians will take the time to understand your requirements and work closely with your architects, interior designers and project managers to deliver on time and within budget.

Duct Banks

A duct bank protects your underground electrical lines from any time of damage. Superior construction materials and professional workmanship ensure trouble-free power service in your Southern Ontario business. The type of design, materials and installations can mean the difference between uninterrupted power supply and frequent short circuit problems.

Arthur Electric stands behind the quality of our work.

Power Distribution

Our extensive experience as an electrical contractor enables us to deploy an efficient power distribution system. Precise configuration and proper load balance eliminates the risk of power outages and breakdowns. We adhere to the strictest safety and protocols to avoid any accidents. We're committed to green practices and provide design / build services that comply with LEED requirements 

Life Safety Systems

We're experienced in installing advanced life safety systems. Today's entrepreneurs go above and beyond the basic requirements to protect building occupants and contents.

Arthur Electric offers the latest technology and protection available in the market. We install state-of-the-art commercial fire detection systems including heat and smoke detection that will notify you about the smallest threat to your life's investment. Don't compromise on safety.

Specialty Lighting Installations

Business owners and building contractors have come to depend on our electrical contractor expertise  for their specialty lighting requirements. We provide innovative lighting and energy savings. From beautiful landscape lighting that increases security to the latest energy efficient indoor illumination that encourages a productive working environment, you can count on us to keep you in the spotlight. Weather you have a clear idea of what you need or would like to see how creative we can get, we'll get the job done to your absolute satisfaction

If you're looking to install the newest high-performance electrical system and lighting in your facility, you've come to the right electrical contractor. Not only are we up-to-date on LEED requirements but we're well-versed in the most modern technology for your building. Our efficient power distribution system will reduce your energy costs significantly.

Moreover, we'll design / build a lighting configuration with just the right amount of illumination keeping harsh glare, headaches and bills to a minimum. From CFLs to the latest LEDs we'll make sure that you qualify for certification

Get in touch with Arthur Electric for top-of-the-line electrical for your new commercial, industrial, or retail needs. We have satisfied clients in many regions including but not limited to Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Guelph, Georgetown, Acton, Kitchener, Cambridge, Woodstock and in the Niagara Falls Region.

We offer uninterrupted operations and improved productivity with a focus on cost-effectiveness and safety.

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